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  • Rencontres de Moriond 2015

    14, 28 de marzo de 2015La Thuile, Aosta valley, Italy

    The purpose of the Rencontres de Moriond is to discuss recent findings and new ideas in physics in a pleasant, relaxed and convivial atmosphere. The meeting is intended to promote fruitful collaboration between various communities and institutes by bringing together a small number of scientists in inspiring surroundings. Each year several sessions are organized concerning different domains such as Electroweak, QCD, Cosmology, Gravitation, Astroparticle or Nanophysics.

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  • Evento patrocinado por el CPAN

    IberiCOS 2015 Xth Iberian Cosmology Meeting

    30 de marzo y 1 de abril de 2015Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio, Aranjuez, Madrid

    This series of meetings is aimed at encouraging the interaction and collaboration between researchers working in Cosmology and related areas (Gravitation, Particle Physics and Astronomy) in Portugal and Spain. Researchers working in other countries are also warmly welcome. These meetings are designed to encourage the presentation of work in progress. In this same spirit the meetings will not be restricted to a single focused topic, but are open to cosmologists in the broadest sense, from theoretical particle physics to observational astrophysics. Stimulating interactions between theorists and observers is also a particular concern of the organizers.

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  • AMS DAYS AT CERN - The Future of Cosmic Ray Physics and Latest Results

    15, 17 de abril de 2015CERN Main Auditorium

    The objective of the three-day “AMS Days at CERN” is to exchange ideas and experiences with the world’s leading theoretical and experimental physicists. This exchange will lead to a better understanding of the implications of AMS results (published and to be published) and their relevance to some of the key experiments as well as the future course of cosmic ray physics.

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  • Evento patrocinado por el CPAN

    eNLarge Horizons

    18 de mayo y 5 de junio de 2015 Instituto de Fisica Teorica UAM/CSIC (IFT) , Madrid, SPAIN

    This workshop aims at gathering together researchers working on Large N gauge Theories from different perspectives. The workshop will cover various topics including the following: Phenomenological applications of large N gauge theories; Large N gauge theories on the lattice; Volume independence/large N equivalences/Matrix models; Gravity duals/AdS-CFT; Correspondence/Connection with String theory; Other aspects: High order perturbation theory/resurgence/etc.

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  • Evento patrocinado por el CPAN

    International Scientific Meeting on Nuclear Physics

    1, 5 de junio de 2015Campus of the International University of Andalucía (UNIA) at La Rábida (Huelva, Spain)

    This International Summer School on Nuclear Physics is specially intended for PhD students and young postdocs working in the field of Nuclear Physics who are interested in enlarging their background on this subject although, of course, senior physicists are welcome. The proposed list of topics covers different aspects of Nuclear Physics from a multidisciplinary perspective. The speakers are scientists of international relevance and well known experts in their fields.

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